English Assignment

They say that the human drive to survive against all odds is the strongest force in the universe. Soma proved them wrong when they found her in her bedroom with a serrated dagger in her right hand and a deep slit along her left forearm all those years ago. She could have been a friend of mine. Her parents couldn’t bear to live in that cursed house anymire, and since then 14 Rose Grove has been sitting idle on the market. However, unknown to everyone else, Soma has been squatting on the property. Although Soma is living (in a manner of speaking) testament to the uncertainty of human behaviour, there is something else we are all equally good at: denial. When Ashok Vakil moved into 14 Rose Grove, he was in the middle of a class action lawsuit. His friends had often pointed it out. A lawyer named Vakil? What are the odds! Being preoccupied, Ashok paid no heed to the vines creeping up the dilapidated boundary wall or the lawn desperately in need of mowing. That evening as Ashok sat in the study surrounded by half unpacked cartons, poring over his notes and looking for a precedent, the brisk wind coming in through the ajar window and the stench of mulch didn’t bother him at all. That evening, Soma slammed shut the study door with a loud bang. That evening, Ashok Vakil noticed nothing.

Well, what do you think?


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